Cathi Shearer, Master Groomer

Shearer's Grooming Salon

Professional Dog Grooming

All grooming services need to be booked in advance and are based on availability at the time of booking.

Smoke-free facilities!

When a dog first comes into Shearer's Grooming Salon, we have a consultation with you as to what your preferences are, discuss how the groom will look and we can even show you photos of cuts to give you a better idea of what your baby will look like.  We will also discuss your pet's personality, so we can make your pet as comfortable as possible.  We then create a personalized information card, so we know what you want when you return for future grooms.​​

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Day Care

Luxury Boarding​

At Shearer's, we do not let dogs run free, but we do let them stay with us in the grooming area. We have 10 areas along the walls where each dog has a bed and a leash with about 5 feet to move around, sit and relax while they wait for their groom.  Each dog has toys, water and a treat. We play music or movies, giving your dog a feeling of just like home.  A relaxed dog is a happy dog and a better groom! (There are some dogs that feel safer and more at home in a kennel and we will provide that for them if needed.)

At Shearer's, we feel a need to limited our grooming appointments so that we can give extra care to each dog that comes into our salon. Each dog has their own hair appointment and we never keep dogs longer than they need to stay at the salon. The appointment  time is based on the size of the dog, the age of the dog, the behavior, and the condition of the dogs coat.  We never use heat dryers, only cool fans that are gentle on the hair and skin.

Please call our office and speak to one of our professional groomers to discuss pricing.

We will do client reminder calls for clients that feel they would like us to do that, or if a client has missed one or more appointments.